Nicole Cottrell
Nicole Cottrell

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Startup Life

There are a countless number of founders, investors, and startup folk who are ready and willing to talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, whether starting, scaling, or failing. I come at it from a different perspective — from the perspective of a wife who has been married to a serial entrepreneur since 2005.

Startup life ain’t for sissies, and that goes for both the entrepreneurs and their spouses. Through my social venture, Love & Startups, I speak on any variety of topics surrounding marriage, parenthood, and navigating the day-to-day life and logistics of an entrepreneurial family. My mission is simply stated, but not simple: Strengthen marriages between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs so that they can succeed at building healthy marriages and thriving startups. 

Marriage & Parenthood

Though I specialize in speaking to couples amid or considering startup life, the same principles that apply to their marriages apply to every marriage. Whether speaking from the perspective of a committed wife, a bi-racial couple, or a homeschooling mother still figuring things out, I love sharing the humor, heartache, and practical lessons learned from my own experience as a no-nonsense wife and mom of three. 

It is with these messages that I am often sent to encourage the faint of heart and authentically share my own story to husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, encouraging their release of shame and fear while practically cultivating the mindsets and habits that produce healthy homes.  

Freedom in Christ Jesus

Yes, I love Jesus. But achieving the Freedom that He has invited everyone into experiencing is a journey — a journey I'm still in the middle of walking. As a fellow minister in Christ, I have been called by God as an exhorter to speak with men and women alike about Christ being our All in all, realizing our identities in Him, applying our spiritual gifting into ministry, and cultivating Christ-centered, Biblically-sound, Holy Spirit-led relationships.

These messages of Freedom translate to all ages and religious backgrounds, whether they are private Christian high schools, college ministries and convocations, or mature, multi-national churches. 

I'm available for your audience

Experienced in speaking at intimate gatherings, engaging arenas of thousands, or being interviewed for general media distribution, there is no occasion too big or too small.

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