Nicole Cottrell
Nicole Cottrell

I like to juggle

These are some of the projects I'm focused on currently. On the surface, they may appear diverse, but they all stem from my value for and pursuit of Freedom in all facets of life.


Having been a top-rated blogger, a journalist, a guest on internationally-syndicated radio, a regular television appearance, and a keynote speaker to audiences of thousands, I love to communicate. If you need someone to speak on a variety of evergreen topics, I will craft the perfect message, tailored uniquely to attract, engage, and compel your audience. 

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Love & Startups

I married a serial entrepreneur in 2005 and was thrust into the world of startup life, ignorant to all that it would entail. After over a decade of experience, I realized you don't have to choose: you can build a healthy marriage and a thriving startup. I'm now on a mission to help others succeed at both, strengthening marriages between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.

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Prism Women 

Alongside some of my closest friends and greatest role models, it is my joy to wave the banner of Freedom and help women of all ages and religious backgrounds discover their true identities in Christ. Through boldly and practically ministering the Word of God as an exhorter, I revel in watching my sisters share their own gifting with the church and the world.

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